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Welcome to the Diocese of Kinkiizi website. This Diocese is one of the 37 Dioceses in the Province of the Church of Uganda. It was carved out of North Kigezi Diocese on May 7th 1995. Kigezi Diocese was formerly part of the Ankole Kigezi Diocese until 1967 when she became a separate Diocese. North Kigezi was later carved from Kigezi Diocese in 1981. Kigezi area now comprises the four Dioceses of Kigezi, North Kigezi, Muhabura and Kinkiizi.

Our Vision

A Sustainable Growing Christ Centred Church.

Our mission

To proclaim the Good News of Our Lord Jesus Christ and to demonstrate the Love of God through practical services that are relevant to all peoples’ needs so that they can enjoy Gods’ full salvation


To provide holistic ministry and foster development that will lead to the improved quality of life of everyone in Kanungu District.

Core Values
1. Christ centered
2. Professionalism
3. Integrity
5. Staff development
6. Faithfulness
7. Compassion
8. Objectivity
9. Royalty
10. Customer care
11. Stewardship
12. Respect